ScrollAll varying record counts and speed

I have a daily need to retrieve all documents from a particular index. I am using ScrollAll (below) but have 2 issues.

  1. The number of docs in this index is currently static, but I receive varying doc counts when I run this code. The count in Kibana is constant. I really need this to be reliable.

  2. The speed is slow, using 12 slices it takes 10+ minutes to get 1.6 Mil docs. I only need an Id field in the doc, but I haven't seen a way to get just that, if that would help. Any optimization advice for this would be appreciatred.

`List resp = new List();

        var eClient = ThirdPartyService.ElasticClient();

        // number of slices in slice scroll  
        var numberOfSlices = 12;

        var scrollObserver = eClient.ScrollAll<ThirdPartyProgram>("15m", numberOfSlices, s => s
            .Search(search => search
                .Query(q => q
                    .Match(m => m
                    .Field(f => f.Source)
        ).Wait(TimeSpan.FromMinutes(15), r =>
            r.SearchResponse.Documents.ForEach(x => resp.Add(x.SourceId));

        var u = resp.DistinctBy(x => x).ToList();
        return resp;`

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