Search a date time field based off another date time field in the same log entry

What I'm trying to do is find if a certain timefield is within tolerance of another.

So, for example I want:

entrytime:[@timestamp-4h TO @timestamp+4h]

...where @timestamp is the the timestamp on this logentry (and is my timestamp index)

I will use this to build a visualization (table) that has a count with buckets being on a status field.

You can kind of do this using a scripted field. You can create a scripted field in the index pattern settings. It would be something like this:

doc['entrytime'].value.millis - doc['@timestamp'].value.millis

Let's call this scripted field date_diff. This would give you the number of milliseconds between your two dates. Since 4 hours is equivalent to 14400000 milliseconds, you could then do a search like this (assuming you're using KQL, not Lucene, as Lucene doesn't support Kibana's scripted fields):

date_diff > -14400000 and date_diff < -14400000

Alternatively, you could create a filter (via the Add Filter dialog) where date_diff is between -14400000 and 14400000.


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