Search data for each date


I have somes index with data containing a date field, a geo_point field and a value field.

I develop a method with c# and NEST.

It must be able to search values corresponding to a geo point and a date a multiple time.
So, I have a search request foreach geo_point, for this geo_point, I have multiple date to search on.

I saw that with DateRange, we can ask for a range, but how must I do to search for every exact date I have for each geo point ?

I tried with the .Terms method but doesn't return me anything.
Do you have some advise to have the most fastest result.

Thank you.

Here is my request : (times variable is List)

  var searchResults = client.Search<dynamic>(s => s.AllIndices().From(0).Size(1000).ScriptFields(sf => sf.ScriptField("distance", d => d.Source("if(doc['geo'].size() > 0) { doc['geo'].arcDistance(" + lat.ToString().Replace(',', '.') + "," + lon.ToString().Replace(',', '.') + ")}")))
                                                                                            .DocValueFields(l => l.Fields(new List<Field>() { new Field("value", null, null), new Field("geo", null, null), new Field("date", null, null) }))
           q => q.Bool(
           b => b.Must(
                    //n => n.Field("forecastDate").Query())).Filter(
                    f => f.GeoDistance(
                     g => g.Distance(distance, DistanceUnit.Meters).DistanceType(GeoDistanceType.Arc).Field("geo").Location(lat, lon))) 
                     ) && q.Terms(t => t.Field("date").Terms(times))));

I wrote the request with Kibana console with aggregation and use the low level API to execute it.
The low lvl api is really more efficient.