Search field tags

My documents have a concept field which has values that act like tags. I would all concepts to be treated individually so I can use them as filters. Imagine e.g. A genre field on a movie database.

With the limitation of text, number, date and geolocation (no array) the only thing I could do is add the concepts as a comma-separated string. Is there any way I can make the facet API to split these up and treat them one by one?

I'm going to have similar problem with subheadings: I would like matched (exact) subheadings to be ranked higher in the result so I'm planning to extract the headings and add them to the document. These would not be available as a facet but each comma-separated value should be treated individually and matched as one. Any way to achieve this?

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At this time Enterprise Search does not support an "array" field type with the functionality you are describing. Facets are generated from the entire string of the field's value. At this time you will have to rely on our scoring methods to match the contents of these strings containing comma seperated values.

Thank you @Byron_H , (I used to be in QA where my job was to concoct evil plans to break things. The avatar was fitting then - and I'm rather fond of it myself. Thank you).

Is handling arrays on the roadmap by any chance?