Search fields (file path), with similiar file regex/patterns

(Veerraju Tadimeti) #1


I am new to Elastic Search. I have a field which is file path. I want to
search this field which has similar file patterns. Here is an example of
different values of the field URI:

  1. /cds-apis/api/v1/tables/c9d514df-d856-4970-a2d5-1c71e9c9c4a0/staging
  2. /cds-apis/api/v1/tables/d9d514df-d856-4970-a2d5-1c71e9c9c4a1/staging

I want to search all documents containing the URI with this pattern
(/api/v1/tables/{UUID}/staging) or (/api/v1/tables/*/staging) . I want to
search using json client, Java API and Kibana. Please do needful.

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(vinay gupta) #2

Were you able to find solution for above. I have similar requirement


(Dan Tuffery) #3

Have a look at the Regexp Query.

(system) #4