Search for exact phrase in not_analyzed (keyword) field

Hey there,

I like to search for an exact phrase of words in my documents. To have a document be part of the search results the phrase should be somewhere in the searched fields.

My fields have type "keyword" as I don't want to have any analyzing done before and the search should search the original string.

Let's assume the field value of some document is "ElasticSearch is a popular search engine".
The following searches should return/not return the document.

"ElasticSearch" => return
"ElasticSearch is" => return
"popular search" => return
"popular engine" => not return
"is popular" => not return

I tried the following query, all of them without success. Either no results will be returned or too many. It seems like query_string indeed splits for whitespace even if the doc for my understand says it doesn't ("Whitespaces are not considered operators..."):

"query_string": {
   "fields": [""],
    "query": "*ElasticSearch is*"

"query_string": {
   "fields": [""],
    "query": "*\"ElasticSearch is\"*"

(I know wildcards . at the beginning are not performant - I'll tackle that later).

The question was already asked here like 7 years ago but there was no working answer posted:

What could also be relevant: I don't know all the fields before so I use dynamic_templates and multi_match/query_string to search through multiple fields inside an object.

I'd appreciate if someone could give me hints how to solve that.


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