Search for Fields Containing Multiple Lines with Regexp

Hi All,

I have this query that I am working on:

GET web-jsp-2017.10.04/_search
  "query" : {
    "regexp": {
        "value" : "",
        "flags": "ALL"

This will return this as a result

        "_index": "web-jsp-2017.10.04",
        "_source": {
          "container": "px-web-jsp",
          "source_host": "bos1px-app1",
          "level": "ERROR",
          "exception_class": "",
          "message": "Could not obtain raw response from reporting service",
          "mdc": {},
          "exception_message": "Read timed out",
          "path": "/es_data1/prodcburke_data/app1",
          "@timestamp": "2017-10-04T14:09:29.861Z",
          "stacktrace": """ Read timed out
	at Method)

This is great, however, I want my queries to be able to find only stacktrace fields that would match a grep such as

grep '\n)+.+java:152.+'

If I put that regex into the "value" field in my query above I get no results back. Could someone help me figure out what I am doing wrong? I just want to search through my index using regex.

(For those interested, I will actually be using this query to delete docs that match a blacklist I maintain which is composed of several hundred regexes)

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