Search for terms containing hyphen (-) on AWS elasticsearch

I just read the article about : How to search for terms containing hyphen (-) on _all field?, it is required to do /_close /_settings /_open operations, but when I do in AWS elasticsearch, I can't update the settings of my current index. I'm using Kibana 6.2.3
From AWS itself, they didn't support /_close and /_open operations.

Any idea how to solve this?

It might be easier to apply the mapping when you create the index, so you don't have to close it.

I'm using AWS lambda to send logs to Kibana, I tried it Dev Tool but not allowed by AWS.
So Do I need create the index manually from the beginning by adding tokenizer in properties?

I leave Mark answering you as he started but did you look at and ?

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[Problem Solved]
I run this command in Dev Tools

POST levitest/_search
"query": {
"match": {
"levi_field": "levitest-levitest"

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