Search on all fields for free word searches

(venkata nagaraju buddarapu) #1

Hi ,

I removed _all part of optimizations we are doing and any free word searches used to run against this _all and it appears that free word searches (united /states ) performed on all fields

Since _all is no more I specified fields to search on but still searches are not working as expected

Below is the request body am am sending fro searches and "ATTITUDE.docx" is the value of FileName field and it has one document with this field value and am not getting that document part of search results

can some one help me with this

"query": {
"bool": {
"must": [
"query_string": {
"query": ""ATTITUDE.docx"",
"default_field": "text",
"fields": [

        "analyzer": "stopwordanalyzer"


(Dan Tuffery) #2

What does stopwordanalyzer look like, did you index these fields with that analyzer? If not, remove the analyzer from the query, then default analyzer (standard analyzer) will be used instead and it will result in a match.

(system) #3