Search on Array Field in ElasticSearch


I have inserted data to an index from a csv file. And I have an Ids field like this whose datatype is a text or a keyword.

"IDs": [
      "a07f1c55-e34b-467d-bfe2-f65f7e01ae61,3e7083d6-4e0c-4f7f-ac81-0d7c131ab584, b48cf97a-e561-42cf-ab21-2bf0f9091117"

I want to search on this field but the conditions are:

  1. If I provide 2 ids I should get the documents with these 2 ids and also if a document containing these 2 ids but have an extra id it will search them also but not the document which matches only 1 id.

  2. It should not search on half id provided. example, a07f1c55-e34b-467d-bfe2-f65f7e01ae61 is the actual id if i provide only a07f1c55 , it should not search on this.

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