Search on fields one by one

Hello ,
I am using elastic search in my project .I want to search on fields one by one. means if i want to search fortis hospital then search in first field than search in second field and so on.

then i need output like : show all record according first field then show all record according second field and so on.

Please Help Me

Thank You.
Tarun Tyagi

I would probably use the _msearch endpoint.

Thanks for your valuable response.

please tell me how can we use this api?

If i have 100000 records in elastic search
each record have name, email, website address fields

i want to search "home" so it will search first in name it find 10 records then search in email find 100 records then search in website find 5 record now at the end it return all result step by step.

The doc is here:

If you need more help, provide a script with what you tried so far so anyone can help from there.