Search on Scripted field in kibana

Hi All,

I have created a scripted field in Kibana using painless language. I can see the field in dashboard and discover tab. However, I cannot use that field to search in elasticsearch.

Is it possible to search on the scripted field in kibana?


Hi @manideep!

What version of Kibana are you using? We added support for searching scripted fields using Kibana Query Language: in 6.3


Hi @Liza_Dayoub

Thank you for the response

I am using Kibana 7.2. So, the Idea is to use this scripted filed outside kibana meaning, I have my own UI in angular 7 and wanted to use this field as filter.

Can I also use the scripted field in search query like any other field?


Elasticsearch supports querying scripted fields, this link might help you: I hope that helps!

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