Search query doesnt working

I have 2 search query one is range query and other one is fuzzy query,
i am sending queries trough python so my functions is look like

for range query
resp2 ="restaurants", doc_type="docket",body={"_source": castList,"from" : 0, "size" : 10000, "query": { "range": { atama: { "gte": float(selectedInterval[i]), "lte": float(selectedInterval2[i]) } } }})

for fuzzy query
resp2 ="restaurants",doc_type="docket",body={"_source": castList,"from" : 0, "size" : 10000, "query": { "fuzzy": { atama:{"value":selectedInterval[i], "fuzziness": "AUTO"} } } } )

now castList contains the fieldnames that i want to see in my output,
selectedInterval is numbers or text that i get from my user, and atama is the field name that i kept for the spesific query

in range query it just returns everything,
and fuzy query returns nothing,