Search query for a contents in the file

I indexing the contents of PDF files using FSCrawler.Now the content of the whole PDF file is stored in the content key in elastic.
Below is a sample record.

    "content": "\n\n\n            WHY TRAVEL INSURANCE?\n\nAn ideal holiday is a balance of planning and enjoyment. Travel Insurance plan plays a pivotal role in the success \n\nof your trip and can make your journey secure and stress free.\n\nThe expenses incurred in a foreign land for availing medical/health care facilities are exorbitant.",
    "meta": {
      "author": "1001562",
      "title": "014725MI_Travel Insurance Jacket & Inserts_HS_For PDF",
      "date": "2015-01-13T00:44:11.000+0000",
      "format": "application/pdf; version=1.5",
      "creator_tool": "PScript5.dll Version 5.2.2",
      "created": "2015-01-13T00:44:11.000+0000"
    "file": {
      "extension": "pdf",
      "content_type": "application/pdf",
      "created": "2018-08-24T11:06:00.000+0000",
      "last_modified": "2018-08-24T11:06:00.000+0000",
      "last_accessed": "2020-05-13T11:09:55.000+0000",
      "indexing_date": "2020-05-13T11:25:12.658+0000",
      "filesize": 761476,
      "filename": "int_travel_brochure.pdf",
      "url": "file:///home/***/***/***/elk/pdf/***/int_travel_brochure.pdf"
    "path": {
      "root": "d533120a7a923efe757b567512e5639",
      "virtual": "/int_travel_brochure/int_travel_brochure.pdf",
      "real": "/home/****/***/***/elk/pdf/***/int_travel_brochure.pdf"

I want to fetch 5 lines before and after the exact search term which will be received.
If journey is inputed i want to fetch 5 lines before and after.Will i be able to increase from 5 to 10 or reduce to 2 lines?

There's no concept of "lines" as per say. You just have here a flat content field.

But may be you can solve the use case you are trying to solve by using the highlighting feature?

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