Search query for boolean operators in Elasticsearch 7.10?

I have an index with large set of documents.

I want to perform following boolean queries for the below operators:

1.  eq
2.     ne
3.     startsWith
4.     endsWith
5.     contains
6.     void : Return the document which does not have the field, or with empty/blank/null values.
7.     notVoid
8.     isNull
9.     notNull
10.     lt
11.     le
12.     gt
13.     ge

I am working with ES Java RestHighlevel client. In Elasticsearch documentation, I am not able to find such search queries or a query which can perform all boolean operation, where we just need to change the boolean operator.

Does such query exists? Where we can specify the "field"(in document), it's value and boolean operator?

Or for each of the operators above, I need to have a separate queries?


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