Search query gives no result if i have space character in it

when i search a string like "3d sy" it gives me the result from elastic
search index document and works fine, but if i search the string like "3d
s" it gives me no result.
same thing happened with "Microsoft co", but it works fine for "Microsoft

i am using the "match" query for fetching the result.

My Query is :

{"from":0,"size":10, "query":{
"custom_score" : {
"query" : {
"match" : {"COMPANY" : {"query" : "3d s", "type" :
"phrase_prefix", "boost":2}}
"script" : "_score/_score * doc['COUNT'].value"



In the above query i have customized my score, because it's required for me.

can anyone help how to resolve this issue.

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