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Hi. I have an index of ~10 million users messages. I need to count all unread messages for one particular user (so I need to count all documents where userId = "SOMEID" and is_read = false). Right now I am using SearchQuery with size = 0 to do it, but I wonder how fast is it? I can have up to 100 such requests per second.

(David Pilato) #2

If at some point it becomes too slow you can always increase the number of nodes and the number of replicas to serve more and more searches.

(Fedor Zaytsev) #3

Thanks for your reply, David, but I want to get a theoretical number of such simple requests (written in GO):
queryisRead := elastic.NewTermQuery("is_read", false)
queryMsisdn := elastic.NewTermQuery("msisdn", msisdn)
query := elastic.NewBoolQuery().Must(queryisRead, queryMsisdn)
data, err := cli.Search(index).Query(query).Size(0).Do()

Is there is any available benchmark which can provide at least approximate information about this number?

(David Pilato) #4

There's no way to know without testing for real, on production machines, with your dataset, settings, queries.

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