Search query term ignored (C# / .NET)

Here is a simplified version of my query:

  	var Match = EC.Search<IndexedData>(_ => _
  		.Query(Q => Q.Term(P => P.Category, Category))
  		.Query(Q => Q.Term(P => P.Type, Type))
  		.Query(Q => Q.Term(P => P.Title, Input) || Q.Term(P => P.Tags, Input))

And here are the relevant fields of the class IndexedData:

   [String(Index = FieldIndexOption.Analyzed)]
   public string Tags { get; set; }

   [String(Index = FieldIndexOption.Analyzed, Analyzer = "English")]
   public string Title { get; set; }

   public Common.AlbumCategory Category { get; set; }

   public Common.MediaType Type { get; set; }

Category and Type are enums.

I have found that whatever I put in my query for Category or Type, the results from the search are identical.

What am I missing?