Search Results Optimization


It seems very general question but I have been trying a lot and still not getting appropriate results.

We are a mapping company and our user search business place , administrative place or house name in our search.

We have two column primarily that affects search results Name , Addresss. Address column has (Road name, neighborhood, locality, sub district, state, country ,pincode ). So most user search tags will be something like

pizza xyz road
pizza neighborhood
pizza locality

India being huge with lots of places we need to educate user on putting search combination like

buisness name + address

Now the challenge is what would be the appropriate weitages , boost ( in name column) .

We have tried multiple combinations and played with it. seems missing something, dont know what.

If you could help we can share sample data.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Himanshu_Jain4 ,

There's no "right answer" to weights and boosts - you'll want to keep tweaking them until your sample queries give you back the results in the order you want them in. If you want to share what your schema, weights, and boosts are, and explain how you'd like your search results to change, we can try to help you out. Or if you have a specific question about weights or boosts, we can try to answer those?

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