Search UI is not available version 8.1.0


I used the docker-compose file from Running Enterprise Search using Docker | Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [8.1] | Elastic

and was able to get everything running. When I go to App Search and launch the Search UI, it redirects me to


Since enterprisesearch does not exist for me except between the Docker containers, I changed that to


However, I got a 404 page telling me that the feature has already been moved inside of Kibana.

Do I have to configure something else to get this working?


Nothing else needed, it should all be in Kibana. Does the "Open Kibana" button work? Otherwise, you can access Kibana on http://localhost:5601.

I was in Kibana to click on the Search UI link to get here. The Open Kibana button just takes me back to Kibana but not that Search UI app.

Interestingly, I had set it aside for a day and came back to find that the link now works. It even takes me to "localhost:3002" directly. I don't remember changing any configs.

I have 2 installs running of the same docker-compose file. One of them works but not the other, still giving me the page to open Kibana. I still have no idea how the other one started working.

I found the problem, posting the solution in case this might help someone out.

In the install that didn't work, I had not deleted the Docker volume and started over. Thus any changes to the configs like environment variables did not get written to the config files in the container. You need to remove the file and restart the container for the updates to take effect (essentially the start up recreates the config files). This is not obvious to me.

For the other install that did work after a day, I must have removed everything before I quit. Then brought the stack up a day later and it "auto-magically" worked.

Important environment variables for the enterprisesearch container were:

  • kibana.external_url
  • ent_search.external_url