Search UI "Generate Search Experience" Button Throws 404

Hi all -

When on the Search UI page (http://localhost:5601/app/enterprise_search/app_search/engines/poc-engine/search_ui) the "Generate Search Experience" button links to an old App Search URL (http://localhost:3002/as/engines/poc-engine/search_experience/preview?titleField=title&urlField=url) throwing a 404. I tried playing around with a few different URL structures to find the correct link but didn't have much luck.

I'm on 8.3 and using the Docker Compose YML found at Running Enterprise Search using Docker | Elastic Enterprise Search Documentation [8.3] | Elastic


Hi @tchocky,

Are you encountering this immediately when you press the 'Generate search experience' button, or when you refresh the page? I'm asking because pressing the button generates a POST form request to the server to generate the page with a few parameters for that request only. Those parameters and the page disappear when you refresh, which will cause a 404 page like you're seeing.

Hey @Sander_Philipse - Thanks for the insight. That led me to see that the form was POSTing to localhost:3002 instead of kibana:3002 which I'm using as my local testing domain. POSTing to kibana:3002 works for me.

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