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I'm new to this Enterprise App Search and I don't really understand why after I generate my search, when I want to access back to the URL it display error?

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 12.21.32 PM

How do I access back to my Search UI url that I already configure?

Hi @aisyaharifin ,

What version of search UI are you using?


Hi @joemcelroy

Its 8.6.1 version.

Hi @aishyaharifin,

The search experience generated in App Search is generated statically when you click the button, and designed to only be shown when you generate it. It's not designed to be shareable or repeatedly accessed from that URL, because it relies on temporary data and permanently hosting every generated search experience on Enterprise Search isn't feasible. Instead, you can download that generated search experience and host it somewhere else yourself.

To access the same search experience again, you'll need to click the button again. Once you're on that page, you can download the search experience package and host it elsewhere. For more information, see this page, under the heading "Configure your search experience": Getting started with website search | Elastic Enterprise Search documentation [8.6] | Elastic

Hi @Sander_Philipse ,

Thank you for your explanation, now I understand why.

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