Search UI sorting by date: No mapping found error


I'm using Elasticsearch and search UI and wish to sort by different fields.

I'm using the search UI component "Sorting" as follows:

                      label={"Sort by"} 
                          name: "Relevance",
                          value: "",
                          direction: ""
                          name: "Total",
                          value: "total",
                          direction: "asc"
                          name: "Duration",
                          value: "duration",
                          direction: "asc"
                          name: "Date",
                          value: "date",
                          direction: "asc"

For Relevance, Total and Duration I get the correct results when selecting the sorting option on the UI but when selecting the Date option I get the error: "No mapping found for [date.keyword] in order to sort on".

The four fields were declared in the same way and all the results have a Date field, maybe it's a date format issue?

I also tried to do it manually by using withSearch and the setSort option but couldn't make it work and didn't find an example of how it should be used.

       sortField: "date",
       sortDirection: "asc",

Can someone help me figure out how to fix this issue?
Thank you very much in advance!

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