Search with multiple filters involved all the time


  1. Specific use-case is to optimize querying that includes many (approximately 50) constant search filters. These filters might change 1-2x per year. How to involve those filters optimally, is it just by appending same criteria block every time? Something like SQL VIEW is needed, I guess.

  2. Within filter clause of bool, how to involve OR/AND clauses? Found abandoned
    filter-or/and-filters technique, is there a similar or even better approach nowdays?
    According to general theory, in case _score is irrelevant, performance is better when clauses are in filter block rather than must/should.


found couple related topics, but they're not clearly answered or outdated

You can use a filter on an index alias, that might be worth looking into.

Thanks warkolm,

index alias with filter sounds appropriate.
But than comes the 2nd question, how to involve picky filters? Filter would need to contain clauses like regular bool query (specified above)


Looks like below works (just the Kibana auto-complete wasn't popping up these blocks, at least here). Unless there is better approach?
Filter Block

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