Search xpack users

I can't use POST /_xpack/security/user/_search {} as that thinks I'm trying to add a new user.

What is the API to search users?

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There is no API for searching.

You can retrieve all users with GET /_xpack/security/user
or retrieve users by username GET /_xpack/security/user/jacknich,rdinero

Does that mean I can't search user metadata?

I'm reading this and trying to test the search for metadata before applying a role query template

Does that mean I can't search user metadata?

It means you can't search for users with specific metadata.

I don't follow why you're trying to do that in the context of the ABAC post.

Just trying to see if I get the search query correct before adding it to the template. I've had lots of weird issues with syntax for the role template in the past.

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