Searches from Kinbana Consle return all results and ignoring filtering

i have been using Elasticsearch for a while and recently started to use Kibana.
I have a strange issue when using the Kibana console. it seems like no matter what i do i always get all the results from an index regardless of my query. Hereby is an image of a query that supposed to get only flights that were cancelled (from the flights sample data) but it returns all the results.. (it happens no matter which bool query i make). using Postman for example with the same query returns the expected results. not share what i'm missing here

This query looks right. I wasn't able to reproduce what you're seeing on the sample data. Are you sure you ran the query in the dev tools, and you're not seeing outdated results from a past attempt?

You may not need the bool section, and you could consider using match_phrase instead, but the only explanation I have is that you're seeing outdated results.

Hi Wylie,
yes i am sure these are the relevenat results (i send this multiple times making sure that all lines are marked). i'm also sure that the query is Ok because sending it via Postman to the Elasticsearch cluster works just fine. i also tried to restart Kibana but i still see the same behavior which is very weird.

Finally figured it out. hopefully this will help to someone else.
I inserted a line between the command (method uri) to the body which the console seem to not like.
once removing the extra line everything works as expected.

This made me quite frustrated and i think that the console should support empty lines in next versions or perhaps an error should be shown in the console.

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