Searches with or without double qoutes

Hi there,

If encountered a problem, and found the solution. Somebody else beat me to it in June 16. I tried the solution noted and it worked. But I don't understand why and the posted was already closed.

The problem is when doing a search in for example apache logs, and I search for a word "shell" in the request path /wp-admin/..blabla/shell2.php or /wp-admin/..blabla/shell1.php I was expected to do a search like this:
request: "shell"

But this would not show the expected result. When I added the digit 2 it showed only the shell2 results.
request: "shell2"

When I remove the dubble qoutes like the solution from the early post, the result was perfect.
request: shell

Why is this? And when should I use dubble qoutes and when shouldn't I?

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