Searching a "Form" Plugin

does anyone know if there a plugin for Kibana 6.2.4 like the built-in Controls plugin but with the ability to connect the Filters?

Something where i am able to set Filters like this in lucene: (weather:sunny AND country:france) OR (weather:rain AND country:italy)


There are known plugins here:

Not sure I understand what you are looking for. Care to elaborate? There is a form for adding filters


Well i know this Form for adding filter. But it connects all filters with an AND just like the Controls-Filter:

But what i need is that i can connect the Filters with AND but also another filter kombination with OR. More or less like in this picture:

is there any plugin like this? Or have someone another idea? I didn't found a suitable plugin on the list with known plugins.

It should be usable by someone who doesn't used kibana ever before, so the trick with "edit DSL" is not what i can use :confused:


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