Searching by date in Kibana

Hello all,

I have a general question about searching indices by date. For instance, if I have a property such as September 3rd 1950, 00:00:00.000, how would I search for all documents that include that date?

If I try DateOfBirth: "September 3rd 1948, 00:00:00.000", this error comes back:
Discover: Invalid format: "September 3rd 1948, 00:00:00.000"

Any help would be much appreciated!

One way of accomplishing this would be to find a document that has the date you'd like to search, then expand the document and click on the magnifying glass with the plus icon.

Or, you can search in the query bar using the Lucene query syntax:


Alternatively, assuming you have configured that as the time field for the index pattern, you can select this date range in the timepicker.

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