Searching by size of nested type field

I would like to be able to filter documents based on the number of elements
in a list of nested object. In the classic example of posts, I am modeiing
the comments field as a nested field of the post type. I would like to be
able to query all posts where # comments = N.

I do not have a clear idea about how to do this, and would like some ideas
please. Here is a gist that shows what the model is like. I have created 2
comments fields - one nested and one unnested in case the methods for
doing this depend on type of object, even though in my case I really need a
nested object.

I have a few options on the plate:

  1. Craft a query/filter that will express this constraint using a script
    such as :

"doc["'].values.size() == 2"

  1. Have an additional field called comments_count field in the post
    document which is automatically maintained each time a comment is added.

  2. Similar to #2, manually maintain a comment_count field in the post

Even if I manage to do #1, the question is how costly it will be on my
queries. I intend on using this as one of many filters in document
aggregations for a reporting console. e.g. give me breakdown of blogs by
date where #comment > 3, and post is tagged 'sport' and age of poster is >

I am indexing using the Bulk API, and even though I see a way to invoke a
script during update of a document, I don't see how this can be done during
Bulk update.

Manually maintaining a counter field only works if I have all instances of
comments each time I update a post - this means that I'd have to read,
modify & write.

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