Searching/filtering index B using all field.values from index A

i'm new to elastic stack and trying to figure out how to approach this problem.

I have two index A B . data is being fed into them regularly

index A has many fields including a model field with model name
{"model" : "HK781" , .........}
{"model": "CK542" , ........}

index B has many fields including receiptLog with text data
{"receiptlog":"random text data CK542 random text data", ..............}
{"receiptlog": "random text data random text data ", ..................}

I want to search or filter(if possible) index B based on all the keywords from index A 's model field.

You would need to execute two searches (or even worse n+1 searches).

Maybe there is a chance to unify our data model, so that you end up with a single document?

Maybe explaining the use-case a bit more would also help. What problem are you trying to solve, what exactly is the user searching for? A bit more context for understanding seems very helpful from my perspective.

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