Searching from a pre-defined list

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Hi, I am not a developer but need to ask this question so I can tell developer that this is feasible or not. I was told that this can not be done in elastic search.

I have a field called 'School' which is an auto-complete field on UI. Database has let's say about 20,000 schools for this field. As I start typing 'Univ', I am expecting to see results such as 'University of Arizona' or anything that starts with 'University'. I am not getting expected results and the developer is saying nothing can be done about it. I get results like 'American School University of blah blah', 'Xamine University Antenna blah blah..'.

Is it not possible to get a better matches results when database does have values such as 'University of Virgina', and many more like that.

I am hoping I don't need to type the entire string 'University of' to better results.

Please advise if it is doable or not. Thanks!

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