Searching Wikipedia With Elasticsearch

For my Application Need to get a Wikipedia Page based on a List of Weighted Keywords(Sometimes this List can contain only 1 Word).
It is Critical for my application that the first Result be the most Relevant Document.
For this purpose I decided to use Elasticsearch.
So I indexed Wikipedia Following this instructions:

My Approach so far is to use query's based On the following Scheme:
GET /_search?explain=true
"size": 3,
"query": {
"multi_match": {
"query": "(United States)^5.6",
"fields": [
"phrase_slop": 2,
"type": "cross_fields",
"use_dis_max": true
My Problem is the Following: The First Result of the query is "These United States" which is a rock

So my Questions Are :
How Can i Change my Query so "United States" is the First Result.
And is Using multi march Query the Suitable Approach for my needs ?

Do an exact match on the title as well as what you are searching for, I think that means searching on title.plain which uses the keyword analyzer. Make sure to give it a high boost, like 10x whatever you are giving for title.


Thanks for the Tip with title.plain.
But looking through the explanation of the results i figured that MultiMatch queries don't support phrase Boosting so it looks like that i need to use QueryString.

Multimatch supports a type parameter:

You can use a bool query with a should clause with both queries to get it. Or go with a rescore over the top N hits to attempt the phrase query.