SearchParseException for query strings with parens in them?

Once we started getting more realistic data into our ElasticSearch index
for manual testing purposes, we ran into SearchPhaseExecutionException for
queries containing a paren.

Example query:

curl -X GET 'http://localhost:9200/myindex/mytype/_search?' -d

Error message:

SearchPhaseExecutionException[Failed to execute phase [query_fetch], total
failure; shardFailures {[JJfyNzxcR4WKsY-0nJdoJA][dpla][0]:
SearchParseException[[dpla][0]: from[-1],size[-1]: Parse Failure [Failed to
parse source
nested: QueryParsingException[[dpla] Failed to parse query [town(]];
nested: ParseException[Cannot parse 'town(': Encountered "" at line 1,
column 5.
Was expecting one of:

What's the best practice for preventing parse errors like this. Is there
documentation on this situation/requirement?

Thanks all!


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