Second filter of sorting in a table


I am trying to build a table, and sort it based on a condition (number of occurrences of the element)

It works fine, but, i have some elements that have the same number of occurences. For those, i want to sort tem based on the date it was added

If i try to do a vertical bar visualisation, i can create a sub-bucket to to this level of sorting, but i cant see any option like that in tables. Is there any option to do it?


Hey @javidr, if I understand correctly you're building a Data Table visualization, and you're hoping to specify two columns to sort by, with the first one taking precedence and the second one being used when the first one is the same value. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do this currently with a data table.

Unfortunately, I'm not following what you're referring to with regard to the vertical bar visualization.

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