Seconds since Epoch and 'numeric_resolution'

(Roy Russo) #1

'numeric_resolution' fix, seen here :

was supposed to allow date_time to accept "seconds since epoch" style timestamps and treat them as date objects. Looking through the test case, I expected this to work with the below mapping, but everything comes back as 1/1/1970, so I'm guessing it's not working.

I tested this on 1.5.2. Is it included in that patch release?

Mapping example:

"properties": {
            "type": "date",
            "format": "date_time",
            "numeric_resolution": "seconds"


(Roy Russo) #2

Looks like this fix isn't scheduled until 1.6.0:

If that's so, never mind. I was under the impression it was in 1.5.2.

(Adrien Grand) #3

It will be in 1.6.0 indeed.

(system) #4