Secure Elasticsearch with LDAP or Active Directory - questions


Who can explain me the differences between two these methods of authentication?
Active Directory user authentication
LDAP user authentication

On the base of Elastic documentation I understand that I need to create at least 2 accounts/groups on the Active Directory database.
The ADMIN account will be used to login on the ElasticSearch server as Superuser. The BIND account will be used to query the Active Directory database. What rights shoud be assigned to these two accounts/groups on AD side? What else should be done on the AD side? I have to collect all needed requirments and send request to AD admin.

What about built-in/internal accounts? Will these accounts continue to work?

That's all apply to GOLD licence and ELK in version 7.7.0, three nodes cluster.

Sorry for these questions but I'm not active directory familiar. Thanks a lot for your help and advices.

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