Secure ES/Kibana with SAML

Hi !

I'm working with a Elastic Cloud cluster (version 6.5.1) and I'd like to secure ES and Kibana with SAML.

To be more specific, I would like to embed a Kibana iframe inside our intranet, and I don't want our clients to have to log twice (intranet and Kibana).
I want them to log on our intranet and when they access the Kibana iframe, they are directly logged with a ES account linked to their intranet account.

Is that possible with SAML authentication and if yes, how can I do that ?

Thanks for your help !

Hi Christophe,

SAML authentication while Kibana is running in an Iframe is possible, but there are some caveats and considerations that I described in some level of detail in this post a few weeks back.

The thread above also has additional information on how one would go about doing this. We will be able to help out with specific problems you might encounter down the line. Feel free to also go through our cloud specific documentation as well as the Elasticsearch SAML Guide.

Hi ikakavas,

Many thanks for your answer, it makes things clearer for me.
I'm very new to SAML so i'll need to understand better how this is working but it already helps me :slight_smile:

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