Securing the aws credentials in logstash kinesis pluging

Currently my configuration is as below

the aws credentials is in the /usr/share/logstash/.aws

The logstash is running on vm in google cloud and accessing the aws stream .
I want to secure the aws credentails and do not want to put in a file in the system.
Would like to store it in the logstash keystore and access it in the conf file in conf.d directory.
I dont see a way to specify the aws keys and values in the conf file in the input section .

Plz advise

input {
kinesis {
kinesis_stream_name => "logstash"
application_name => "logstash"
profile => "my_profile"
initial_position_in_stream => "TRIM_HORIZON"
region => "xxxxx"
codec => cloudwatch_logs
type => "cloudwatch"



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