Securing users on elasticsearch-oss

I've combed the docs, but I can't figure out how to secure the default elastic (or any other users) using the elasticsearch-oss install (I'm using 7.6.1)

According to, x-pack is available for the oss, version, but it's not bundled with it (even my modern version), and I can't install it either.

Is there some other recommended way to secure users in the OSS install? Every thread and documentation just points to 'use x-pack'.

X-Pack is not available for the oss distribution and there is no built in security. You need to switch to the default distribution or use some third party plugin to secure it.

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While the code for X-Pack is available in a public repository, we do not claim that it is "Open Source". See Subscriptions about the different features available.

The default distribution of Elasticsearch includes all of X-Pack, but the default license is "basic".

You can activate a free trial of the commercial features via Kibana (Management -> License) or via the API.

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