Security after installing Xpack

I have installed Xpack and followed all the steps mentioned in the document here
but when i run http://localhost:9200/_cat/indices?v it asks for credentials but my NTLogin or CORP domain credentials are not working the elasticsearch.yml file configuration is as

          type: active_directory
          order: 0
          enabled : true
          domain_name: domainname
          url: ldaps://subdomain-name-for adfs

Let me know what is wrong in it and why NTLogin Credentials are not working

It is difficult to provide anything specific with such limited (and redacted) information.

Any number of things could be wrong, from an incorrect configuration, to network issues, to an incorrect username.

I suggest that you start by checking the elasticsearch logs for errors. There's a reasonable chance something is being reported there.

Alternatively you can try turning on DEBUG logging by following the instructions in the LDAP troubleshooting guide. That may provide more information.

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