Security Hardening Parameters for Elastic stack

I am working on operational readiness of Elastic stack and one of the key requirement is to ensure Elastic stack is hardened.
Did anyone already have the recommended security parameters? Please help me with that.

You should definitely be using then.

Thank you. I will review this

I have reviewed all of this but I feel there are few more point which needs to be covered.
Let say I am deploying Elastic stack on RHEL, and config files, execuatables etc are stored on some directories like /etc/elasticsearch etc.

Now, what are the recommended permissions to protect those directories and it should also not break elastic components?

The recommended permissions are the ones we ship with. Changing them will not be supported.

@warkolm do you mean when we install Elastic stack on a VM, it will create required files and folders, also there will be ownership and permission associated with them. Just e.g. /etc/elasticsearch will be owned by elasticsearch and chmod is 644 .

So we should not make any change with that. Is that you are saying?

That is right. If you do, then you are on your own with any problems.

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