Security - how to add a user to multiple clusters

Is there an efficient way to add a user (or group of users) to multiple clusters? For example, there is a need to add a support team to 4 different clusters. Can this be done without executing the same "add users" action for each of the 4 clusters?

Hi @adamaanderson

The best way to do that at the moment would be to use the security APIs and add the users and roles to each cluster individually. Using the API you can script this and make sure it's applied identically to all clusters.
In the future, Elastic Cloud Enterprise will also support integrating X-Pack Security with LDAP/AD or another external user registry (this is available in X-Pack today but still not enabled in Cloud Enterprise). This will allow you to connect a number of cluster to the same backing user registry and use the same set of users and roles for all of them.



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