Seeking clarification on how 'filebeat setup' works with rollover_alias defined, etc

I am configuring filebeat to send various module output to Elastic Search v7. We are using ILM. I am looking at the ILM settings here: Configure index lifecycle management - ES 7 and I am wondering if someone could clarify a few items. Here is what I do know:

  • I know when I run the command filebeat setup It loads dashboards, templates, etc. Among these, in the template, it sets an index pattern:
index_patterns" : [

and roll-over alias

lifecycle" : {
          "name" : "filebeat",
          "rollover_alias" : "filebeat-7.6.2"
  • I know Kibana's Dashboards are, in some way configured to look at this default index pattern when it searches for fields. Right? I'm not sure how this particular point works.

  • I know when I update File beat it automatically re-loads this information.

  • I know, since I am using ILM, the index option in Elasticsearch.output is not available. and setup.template.pattern are also unavailable.

For a subset of machines, I want to place their data in a different index with a different ILM. The mappings,ingest pipelines, and dashboards for the filebeat modules I use will be the same, I just want to re-route them into a separate index so I can apply a different ILM. I'm stuck on how tobest do this. Looking at the ILM documentation, I can see there is an setup.ilm.rollover_alias option. My questions are:

  • If I define the setup.ilm.rollover_alias, will this separate the subset of machines into a different index as well?

  • Assuming it does, How does this interact with filebeat setup, the Kibana dashboards, and template loading? Will this change be auto-applied every time I update filebeat?

  • Assuming it does not, how can I split these up, still use the filebeat & filebeat modules stuff, and ILM?

  • Lastly, if I use the directive setup.ilm.policy_name is this telling the template to use a per-existing ilm policy in elastic search, or is this telling filebeat to name the policy it uploads into elastic search this name?

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