Seeking documentation on NodeIndicesStats (and similar) Transport APIs

(Chris Bedford) #1

Hello, Elasticsearch friends:

I have to reverse engineer some code that makes use of
org.elasticsearch.index.shard.IndexingStats, which I believe is
feeding our graphing layer information on indexing requests per sec and
reads per second.

The Elasticsearch REST API is pretty well documented, but I
didn't find much javadoc or any other type of reference for
org.elasticsearch.index.shard.IndexingStats and similar classes.
Is there a one-to-one mapping between these classes and corresponding
elements of the REST API ? (in which case I can consult the REST API
for answers to my questions.)

Or, if not,

I'd like to ask the following:

  • over what time period are the various metrics of
  • org.elasticsearch.index.shard.IndexingStats (and similar classes)
    calculated ?
    • from start time of server?
    • for last hour/day/minute?

Can i configure, per call, the interval over which metrics are calculated ?

thanks very much in advance!

chris bedford

(Alexander Reelsen) #2


you can check the toXContent method of IndexingStats, which is showing you the representation of the JSON when written out.


(Chris Bedford) #3

Thank you. Will look at that.

(system) #4

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