Segments.fixed_bitset_memory Explosion While Deleting 300 million Docs

Using Elasticsearch 5.6

Recently we did some cleanup on one of our indexes and removed 300 million docs from a total of about 2 billion. While removing the docs using delete_by_query our index memory exploded along with the segments. The index size went from 2 TB to 3.7TB.

The increase in segments was not surprising but the increase in the size was. Once we killed the delete_by_query task the segments merged down and reclaimed about 1/2 TB of memory. The number of deleted docs returned to normal but the index was still more than a TB bigger than before.

This morning the index returned to its normal size due to a large drop in the segments.fixed_bitset_memory across all of the nodes. Over the course of a min, we flushed a TB worth of data.

From what I have read

Memory used by fixed bit sets for nested object field types and type filters for types referred in join fields

  1. Only 20k of the docs deleted had nested fields present in them only one level deep. BUT we do have a parent/child relationship because we are on ES 5.x, is that considered a join and would a fixed bit set be used to represent that? Any further explanation on fixed bit sets would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Is there any way to control flushing these fixed bit sets when doing large deletions?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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