Segregate the Server based on type like Windows host on one Group and Linux on another group in Kibana Dashboard

Dear All,

I have setup ELK stack and integrated Windows& Linux Server and F5 Fortinet and VMware now my requirement is

we have multiple clients in our private cloud environment so we want to make separate group or category to visualize server details for each customer and in that we need to seperate windows under one group and linux servers under group etc so is there any way we can make this in kibana dashboard .

just to elaborate more we are integrating complete datacenter servers to ELK stack so when we have multiple customers if we get any issue to look for logs instead of searching in global level we have to filter the specific customer and select the type of server either windows or Linux on second filter if anyone knows how to make this one please kindly let me know

Thank you

If I understand correctly, the goal is to access the ability to filter data in a dashboard by specific field values, such as the type of host and ID of the customer.

You can do this with "controls," which provide option lists on a dashboard you use to interactively select how you want the data to be filtered. See Filter dashboard data with controls | Kibana Guide [8.12] | Elastic

You can also do this with "semi-structured filters," which are filters that narrow the search for all panels in a dashboard. See Kibana concepts | Kibana Guide [8.12] | Elastic

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