Segregating elasticsearch search results

Hello all,

I have the following query:-

i have five indexes in my ES cluster and i want to search for a term in all the indexes. As we already know that by default, ES returns 10 documents that match the term.So all the results can be from one index or from a combination of different indexes depending on whether the index has a document that matches that term most but what i want is that i get results from all indexes that match the term and not all 10 results from same index .

For e.g. let A, B , C, D, E be my indexes and i search for a term x in these indexes and all the indexes have more than 2 documents match/contain this term, so i want the results to be like this:
A - 2 , B - 2, C - 2, D - 2, E - 2 i.e. 2 from each one of the indexes totaling 10 (default) . If one of the indexes does not contain any document then get extra documents from other indexes i.e. B- 3, C-3, D-2, E-2 in case there are no matching documents in index A.

So summing it all up, i want ES to return results coming from the indexes in an equally distributed way and also don't want to change the default no of results returned

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