Selectively choosing documents from an index to include in a snapshot

Hello, is there a way within a single operation selectively include only some documents (based on a filter) when creating a snapshot?

For example if I have an index named index-1 and it has 1000 docs of which 100 include [error] in them, can I selectively only choose those 100 docs to include in the snapshot?
If NOT, and assuming I have a snapshot of all 1000 docs from index-1, can I selectively restore those 100 docs which include [error] in them?

If there is not a single operation (included within the create or restore snapshot) I am assuming I can just reindex index-1 and include a filter to selectively grab the docs I want.

I studied the snapshot and didn't find anything like what you want.
I think as you said, you must create a new index with the filtered docs and perform the snapshot from it.

Maybe an Elastic member might suggest another solution.

I think you're right. The API is pretty clear, just thought there was a way to combine two operations (taking a snap and filtering) into one.

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