Send a custom Header to Elasticsearch via Kibana Proxy

So I am having my own strategy (via Plugin) for Kibana server object to enable SSO. I want the same token to be passed on to all requests to Elasticsearch so my interceptor over there can authenticate the request. Any clean way I can make this happen via Plugin without touching the actual source code?
Is there something that the server object expose for this?
Kibana in question: 5.4.1

I know about :-


But I am using Yar (Hapi Library) for token management so will have to add a header that way.

I am adding my own Headers to the request in my HapiJS (Default) Strategy before passing on to next but these requests with path :-
Keeps on popping up with only 3 headers :-
[Host, Content-Length, Connection]
Unless I add a elasticsearch.customHeaders: with my desired Headers (Static, But mine HAVE to be dynamic)

There are not currently any hooks to programmatically add headers to the ES requests. Feel free to open a feature request here:

But if I'm giving value to :-


Then at least that should be regarded in every kibana 'internal' request. Could you tell me more about the requests with raw_path :-

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